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lauren palmer

My name is Lauren Palmer, owner/artist at Olive Tree Textiles. I’ve been an artist since I could grasp a pencil, reveling in my ability to create something from nothing. Around the age of 13 I found a special affinity for working with fabric, needle, and thread, and so began my love of quilting. In 2008 I began selling my original designs while in school at the University of Kentucky, where I earned degrees in Architecture and Psychology in 2011. After graduating, I decided to pursue quilting professionally.

Inspired by the rich pattern and detail of mid-century modern architecture, I derive many of my compositions from the precision of basic geometric shapes that I pair with bold colors to create visually appealing and functional pieces of art. Much of my work is inspired by patterns that I see in daily life: light reflected through the slats of a blind; a shadow falling from behind a lamppost; intricate tiling on the floor of a restaurant.

Every piece in my shop is designed, made by hand, and shipped by me from my Lexington, KY home studio. All of my designs are original, developed through my instinctive sewing process and desire to create functional art.

I recently began working on my first quilting book with C&T Publishing’s Stash Books division, which is set to be released in 2016.